Magnets for health benefits

Magnets have been used for health purposes for many centuries and are considered an effective form of pain relief and control.

Whilst some may argue that the benefits of magnets for health purposes are ambiguous and unconfirmed, scientific evidence does support the claim that magnets can be used as an effective way to manage ailments affecting one’s health.

Many of the studies involving magnets for health have been focused on how effective magnetic therapy is in alleviating pain associated with muscles and tendons, particularly back, knee, pelvic, hip, wrist and foot.

Many of these studies, including a recent NIH-sponsored clinical trial, found that individuals’ who have undergone magnetic therapy have experienced some kind of relief from swollen and painful tendons.

Much of the medical research involved in the benefits of magnets for health benefits agree that the effectiveness of this alternative form of medicine depends greatly on the severity of the pain, the strength of the magnets used, the duration of time the magnets were applied to the patient, and how often the treatment was performed.

Whilst the fact that magnets have been used for hundreds of years as a form of pain relief and the fact that medical research has concluded their effectiveness in the field of medicine, there are several challenges researchers and doctors are faced with when studying the health benefits of magnets.

One of these challenges is that a patient’s pain relief could be coming from additional sources to the magnets meaning it is difficult to gauge how effective magnets for health purposes are.

Asides the potential flaws in research surrounding the use of magnets for health benefits, studies have shown that magnets can work restoring the balance between the death of unhealthy cells and the growth of healthy cells, by increasing the blood flow and therefore oxygen in the blood and to tissues, and by altering how the nerve cells function and blocking pain signals to the brain.

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