Clinical Studies For Colantotte Trion:Z Magnet Therapy

Many companies claim to produce performance-enhancing products designed to ease your training, improve your game and outpace your competition. Without real facts and thorough research though, it is almost impossible to know which products can really help and which products are jumping on the bandwagon.

Colantotte Trion:Z was the original product in magnet therapy and negative ion technology gear when it was originally launched several years ago, but since then many competitor brands have come into the market without the credentials held by Colantotte Trion:Z.

The sports wristband industry as whole was turned on its head in late 2010 when Power Balance bracelets were revealed to be a scam with no medical benefit whatsoever.

The products until then had been endorsed by some of the World’s biggest sporting stars including David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The bands ‘worked’ using a hologram technology which supposedly increased strength and balance however this was all revealed as a con and the company were forced to file for bankruptcy.

Since then, many internet forums and exposés have set to shed light on the claims made by other companies but only Colantotte Trion:Z have the awards to back up their claims.

Certified as a medical device by Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare, a Class 1 Medical Device and CE-approved, Colantotte Trion:Z is the only brand of its kind to achieve this level of recognition.

In spite of these industry standards though, Colantotte Trion:Z is still unable to make direct claims about their benefits.

To be able to prove the effectiveness of Colantotte Trion:Z products, the company are taking part in clinical studies of patients with osteoarthritis affecting the hip or knee area.

The studies will split the 210 participants randomly into three groups, one of which will receive a Colantotte magnet therapy wristband, one will receive the same wristband with no magnetic properties and the third will receive no wristband.

The groups will record their scores on a questionnaire before the trial begins and after four weeks of wearing the wristband for a minimum of 12 hours per day.

If the clinical trial proves successful in reducing pain and stiffness, Colantotte Trion:Z products can then go forward to be recognised as a full European Medical Device as well as being submitted to the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in the UK, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America.

Colantotte Trion:Z are determined they will get the results to prove their loyal customers right and be recognised without doubt as a credible choice in the sports and lifestyle industry.

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